What is this secret code hidden in so many films and TV shows?

What is this secret code hidden in so many films and TV shows?

There’s a mysterious code hidden in an increasing number of films, shows, and videogames out there, from The Simpsons to South Park to Toy Story. The list goes forever, including live action features like Avengers, Star Wars, and Hunter Games. The code is the key to a secret society limited to a selected few.

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Facebook wants to make it easier to jump between apps with App Links

Today at Facebook‘s F8 developer conference, the social networking giant unveiled a new initiative to make it easier to share data between mobile apps and the web: App Links. The open source service is meant to make it easy for developers to expose and integrate deep links into their app and into other apps with just a few lines of code.

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How to Keep Milk from Spoiling Without Refrigeration

How to Keep Milk from Spoiling Without Refrigeration

For centuries, before refrigeration, an old Russian practice was to drop a frog into a bucket of milk to keep the milk from spoiling. In modern times, many believed that this was nothing more than an old wives’ tale. But researchers at Moscow State University, led by organic chemist Dr. Albert Lebedev, have shown that there could be some benefit to doing this, though of course in the end you’ll be drinking milk that a frog was in.

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Scientifically accurate SpongeBob is hilariously disgusting

Scientifically accurate SpongeBob is hilariously disgusting

After getting sucked on and eaten by his best friend Patrick Star, scientifically accurate SpongeBob Squarepants as imagined by ADHD is destined for a life of cleaning dishes. That caps a hilariously sad life of basically being immobile at the bottom of the ocean with "friends" who are killer creatures. Real life sure sucks for the always cheery SpongeBob.

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Best payment and wallet apps for iPhone: Square Wallet, PayPal, Passbook, and more!

Don’t want to weed through payment cards at the cash wrap? Try these payment and digital wallet apps for iPhone instead!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to pay with at your favorite stores? The ones that will let you make your wallet digital? The App Store offers all kinds of payment solutions for iPhone. Whether you’re buying online or going to a good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar, there are a ton of apps to choose from. But wish payment and wallet apps are the very best?

Square Wallet

Square Wallet lets you link a debit or credit card to your Square account and pay with it anywhere Square payments are accepted. If someone sends you a Square gift card you can also store that inside the Square Wallet app for use whenever you’re at that merchant. For some places of business, you can even choose items from inventory and have your sale ready before even getting to the cash register. Square merchants can then see you’re using Square Wallet from the Square Register app and simply tap to confirm your payment.

If a lot of merchants in your area use Square, you can’t go wrong with Square Wallet.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet, currently available for purchases in the United States, lets you save all your loyalty cards in once place. You can also make payments online and at any merchant that has a card with credit attached to it. If you need to send money to someone, you can do so for free as long as they’re using Google Wallet as well. Google Wallet offers tap to pay for NFC-enabled devices but as the iPhone doesn’t have NFC, tap to pay isn’t something Google Wallet supports for iOS… yet.

If you make a lot of digital payments or are tied into Google’s services already, Google Wallet is a great option.


PayPal is one of the most accepted payment services on the planet. Lots of physical merchants can also let you pay with PayPal, no actual credit card needed. The PayPal app can use your location to determine what merchants around you let you pay with PayPal. Once you’re at the checkout, just tell them you’re paying with PayPal instead of cash or a card. You’ll just have to enter your mobile number and PIN and you’re good to go. PayPal just deducts the funds from whatever bank account or credit card you have linked.

If you already use PayPal as your payment service of choice, check out what merchants support payments with PayPal in your area.

Isis Mobile Wallet

Isis is available to both AT&T and Verizon customers and offers the same tap to pay functionality Android users currently enjoy with NFC. The only catch? You’ll need to buy an accessory case to make Isis work. After that you can add all your payment cards, including American Express Serve and Chase bank cards, and start tapping to pay at literally thousands of merchants with tap to pay terminals.

If you don’t mind buying a case in order to get the same tap to pay treatment Android customers already enjoy, get Isis Mobile Wallet.

See also:

  • Incipio Cashwrap Isis Ready Case – AT&T – $69 – Buy now
  • Incipio Cashwrap Isis Ready Case – Verizon – Buy Now


Last but definitely not least, lots of merchants have deployed their own payments cards that are integrated through Passbook. Just add the card within the merchant’s app with support for Passbook and you’re good to go. Whenever you’re within the vicinity of a merchant you have stored in Passbook, your pass should appear on your Lock screen for easy access. Popular merchants such as Starbucks have deployed Passbook payments worldwide.

  • Built in to iPhone running iOS 6 and above

Your payment and wallet picks?

Do you make payments both online and at local merchants right from your iPhone? If so, what payment apps do you find yourself using the most? Let me know in the comments!

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Google earnings focus on the search and ads that actually pay the bills

With all the modular phone concepts, balloon internet projects, robots and drones it can be easy to forget Google’s main business angle: search and advertising. Google reported its first quarter earnings today and didn’t have much to say about our…

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Botched Windows USB driver patch KB 2862330 triggers BSOD 0x000000D1 or 0x000000CA

Last month’s Black Tuesday crop included yet another stinker: MS13-081/KB 2862330, a “critical” Windows USB driver update that reaches into the Windows kernel, modifying all the USB 2.0 driver programs. Microsoft knew before the patch was released that it had an odd double-reboot tendency. That little glitch was documented in the original Knowledge Base article, KB 2862330:

After you install security update 2862330, your computer may restart two times. For more information about updates that require multiple restarts, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
2894518 Task sequence fails in Configuration Manager if software updates require multiple restarts

As it turns out, that was the least of MS13-081’s worries.

The day after the patch appeared, Microsoft’s Answers forum lit up with complaints. Here’s a partial list of the problems Windows customers have experienced, after installing the patch:

  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 may throw up a Blue Screen 0x000000D1 or 0x000000CA or 9×00000050 upon boot.
  • Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 machines may reboot, then stall at 32 percent. The only solution is to unplug the machine, then run a system restore — necessary because the reboots stall at the same point in an endless cycle.
  • After an extended period of time on reboot, Windows 2008 R2 shows the message “Please wait for modules installer,” then “Failure configuring windows updates reverting change.” Windows rolls back the changes, but tries to do them again.
  • Windows XP has the same infinite-loop installation of the patch.
  • There are also reports of failing USB keyboards and mice — at least one user reports his Microsoft Mouse won’t work after installing the patch.

To date, I’ve seen no indication that Microsoft has isolated the source of the problem. There is no new version of the patch. There is, however, a very convoluted series of manual patching steps you can take if you feel an urgent need to install the patch. Look for the three scenarios in the KB 2862330 article. It helps if you have a degree in Computer Science.

Although Microsoft hasn’t completely pulled the patch — it still appears as an Important update in Windows 7 Automatic Update — the selection box is unchecked. Unless you manually check the box, the update will not be installed.

The universal advice at this point is to refrain from installing the patch — hide it in Automatic Update if you have to. Since the patch is no longer installed by default, and almost a month after its release we still don’t have an update, it’s a safe assumption that the patch isn’t quite as pressing as its “Critical” rating might indicate.

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