The Secret to Amazing Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010, AT 6:19 PM
Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011, AT 3:07 PM
Obama Gets Firsthand Look at a Tornado Damage

TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010, AT 6:19 PM
Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma. Very long title. Long long long. Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma. Very long title. Long long long.

TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010, AT 6:19 PM
Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma. Very long title. Long long long. Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma. Very long title. Long long long.

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A smartpen to rival Livescribe: the $150 Equil JOT that lets you use any paper

Equil JOT smartpen makes sure you never miss that million dollar idea
JOT works with any type of paper to capture written notes and drawings digitally

Core news facts:
• The Equil JOT makes it easier than ever to create, capture, and share written ideas.
• Compatible with any type of paper, Equil JOT sets a new standard of simplicity by seamlessly transforming anything you write or draw into a digital format. You aren’t required to purchase a specific brand of paper or to print a template from home – you can even grab a cocktail napkin to capture that big idea.
• Using a Bluetooth receiver, Equil JOT instantly syncs with any Apple device (iOS 5 or higher or Mac OS 10.7 lion or above), so you can see your creation appear in real-time on your screen.
• Equil is also releasing two free apps for use with Equil JOT:
– Equil Note lets you create, edit, and store written notes. Using folders, text-editing tools, and tags, Equil Note lets you easily organize and access all of your notes from any device.
– Equil Sketch allows you to get creative and capture your vision digitally without losing the pen-to-paper element of the drawing process. You can build each sketch in layers, allowing you to easily morph your vision immediately and in the future.
• With the Equil Note and Equil Sketch apps, any Equil JOT creation can be quickly shared using Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, or email and accessed from anywhere using Dropbox or iCloud.

How it works:
• Equil JOT’s technology is based on more than 30 patents. It uses a combination of infrared rays and ultrasonic waves to determine the position of the pen in real-time, sending information via Bluetooth to the paired iOS device at a rate of 80 transmissions per second.
• With a sleek, triangular design, the JOT’s tilt-unaffected pen-tip sensor technology promises a seamless experience whether you are right or left-handed.
• Your pen is personalized and your receiver has its own unique device ID – so you never need to worry about interference from others using a JOT in the same room and you can replace just the ink cartridge as needed.
• Download our free apps – Equil Note and Equil Sketch – in the Apple App Store or learn more at


Attributed to Greg Appelhof – Equil President, Americas
“Digital has in many ways eradicated the need for handwritten content, but we all know that the best ideas often start on paper. Whether it’s your vision for the new app you are building on a water-ringed cocktail napkin or the notes you took during a key interview in your notebook, the creative process isn’t solely digital. With Equil JOT, you don’t have to lose that tactile writing experience – and you’ll never need to dig through stacks of old notebooks to find that lost gem again.”

Where to buy:
• Equil JOT retails for $149.99 and is available for purchase starting today at
• Equil JOT will be available at a variety of stores internationally as follows:
– Wednesday, 10/30 – available to order online in Europe at
– Friday, 11/1 – available on
– Wednesday, 11/6 – available at Apple Stores in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia Australia and New Zealand

About Equil:
The Equil JOT smartpen lets you create, capture, and share your ideas seamlessly from paper to digital – imply write or draw on any paper and watch your creation appear on your Apple device.

Equil JOT works with both of Equil’s free apps, Note and Sketch. Equil Note is your place to create and store written notes, enhance them with additional content and highlights, and tag them so you can always find them later. Equil Sketch is an artist or designer’s dream – you can capture your vision in stages so you can quickly add or remove individual layers of your creation as you work and in the future.

The Equil JOT works with any Apple device (iOS 5 or higher or Mac OS 10.7 Lion or above) and is available for $149.99 online at

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Paterno family suit against NCAA goes before judge

FILE – In this Aug. 6, 1999 file photo, Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, right, poses with his defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky during Penn State Media Day at State College, Pa. A lawsuit by Joe Paterno’s family and others against the NCAA is scheduled to go to court Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013, one day after Penn State announced settlements with 26 young men over claims of abuse by Jerry Sandusky. (AP Photo/Paul Vathis, File)

FILE – In this Aug. 6, 1999 file photo, Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, right, poses with his defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky during Penn State Media Day at State College, Pa. A lawsuit by Joe Paterno’s family and others against the NCAA is scheduled to go to court Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013, one day after Penn State announced settlements with 26 young men over claims of abuse by Jerry Sandusky. (AP Photo/Paul Vathis, File)

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (AP) — A hearing on a lawsuit filed by the family of longtime Penn State football coach Joe Paterno began Tuesday as his relatives seek to reverse the NCAA’s penalties against the school over the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

The courtroom swelled with lawyers ahead of the hearing that began at 10 a.m., and some Paterno family members were there, including Paterno’s son Scott.

The lawsuit by Paterno’s family challenges penalties the NCAA imposed against the school — including voiding 111 wins while Paterno was head coach. The NCAA alleges the wins were tainted by school administrators’ alleged mishandling of the Sandusky scandal.

The NCAA also fined the school $60 million, which is being paid in installments, banned the football team from bowl games for four years and cut the number of football scholarships it could offer.

The Paterno family contends the NCAA violated its own rules in imposing the sanctions, which resulted in, among other things, Paterno no longer being officially recognized as the Division I coach with the most wins, at 409.

Judge John Leete scheduled Tuesday’s court session so he can hear lawyers argue if he should throw out the claim.

Paterno’s family maintains that he didn’t know Sandusky was a pedophile and didn’t cover up child sex abuse allegations against the assistant coach.

The hearing comes a day after Penn State said it was paying 26 young men $59.7 million over claims of child sexual abuse at the hands of Sandusky, the school’s former longtime defensive coach.

He was convicted of abusing 10 boys, some of them at Penn State facilities. Eight young men testified against him, describing a range of abuse they said went from grooming and manipulation to fondling and rape when they were boys.

Sandusky, 69, did not testify at his trial but has long asserted his innocence. He has acknowledged he showered with boys but insisted he never molested them. Sandusky is pursuing appeals while he serves a 30- to 60-year sentence on 45 criminal counts.

The abuse scandal rocked Penn State, bringing down Paterno and resulting in unprecedented sanctions against the university’s football program.

Three former Penn State administrators await trial in Harrisburg on charges they engaged in a criminal cover-up of the Sandusky scandal. Former president Graham Spanier, retired vice president Gary Schultz and retired athletic director Tim Curley deny the allegations, and a trial date has not been scheduled.

The school said 23 deals are fully signed and three are agreements in principle. There are six other claims, and it believes some of them are meritless.

The settlements have been unfolding since mid-August, when attorneys for the accusers began to disclose them. Penn State has not been confirming them, waiting instead to announce the deals at once.

Penn State has spent more than $50 million on other costs related to the Sandusky scandal, including lawyers’ fees, public relations expenses and adoption of new policies and procedures related to children and sexual abuse complaints.

The 32 claimants involved in negotiations with Penn State include most of the victims from the criminal trial and some who say they were abused by Sandusky many years ago. Negotiations were conducted in secret, so the full range of the allegations wasn’t disclosed publicly.

Associated PressSource:
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Highlights of interest from Apple Q4 2013 conference call and Q&A

Apple has reported 33.8 million iPhones, 14.1 million iPads, 4.6 million Macs sold in Q4 2013 and now they’re going to talk about it! We’re listening in via Apple’s investor page and will be collecting notes of interest and highlights below. Refresh for updates. Face palm for inane iWatch or Apple television questions!

  • Tim Cook: Strong finish to an amazing year. Apple business stronger than ever. Worldclass hardware, software, services. (This is all preface to the results.)
  • TC: Winning in all the ways that are important. Satisaction, usage, loyalty. Extraordinary list of products launched in just the last months. (Listing them off.)
  • TC: Deep collaboration between design and engineering. (Cook’s new Apple structure.) iOS 7, OS X, iWork, iLife. All free. Want customers to have access to greatest new features. Products only Apple could deliver. Most would be happy with just one of them.
  • TC: (Talking total numbers, revenues). 400 million retail visitors. $50 million revenue per store.
  • TC: 15 acquisitions, one every 2 or 3 weeks. One of the largest dividends payers in the world.
  • TC: (Bunch of share holder stuff, basically telling Icahn to shove it?)
  • TC: Very confident, see significant opps in both current product categories and new ones. Large and growing market. Smartphone category expected to grow significantly from 1B to 1.7B in 2017. Tablets growing even faster. 225m to over 400m in 2017. Continue to invest in R&D and distro.
  • TC: Force for good in the world, standing up for human rights, trying to eliminate aids, working on education. Thanks to shareholders and employees. Passionate about making great products.
  • Peter Oppenheimer: Record iPhone sales, highest for quarter ever. 7.5 billion. Margin was 37%. Net income was 7.5 billion.
  • PO: 33.8 iPhones old. Up 26%. Record. Ahead of expectations. Grew strongly all segments. Pleased with growth in latin america, middle east, russian, india. Happy to add NNTDoCoMo. iPhone sales robust in US. Comscore estimates Apple leading supplier.
  • PO: 14 million iPhones in channel inventory. Low end of target range of 4-6 weeks. Customers love them. Singificantly higher customer experience rates than competition. 53% more time each day on iPhone than Android.
  • PO: 35K companies building custom apps for iPhone. (Bunch of companies using iPhones for tens of thousands of employees.)
  • PO: 14.1 iPads sold. Exceeded expectations. Robust growth in japan, russia, middle east, back to school in US, Canada. 4.1 million units in channels, within target range of 4-6 weeks.
  • PO: Interest remains strong. 99% customer satisfaction rate.
  • PO: iOS in Enterprise remains strong. iOS counts for 95% and devices 75% of total Good activations. (More on how companies are using it.)
  • PO: School continue to adopt iPads. UK more than doubled, Latin America 70K iPads across 800 schools. US school districts roll out large initiatives.
  • PO: Driven by great content. New iPads with A7 chip, 64-bit desktop class architecture. (Talking points on iPad Air and Retina iPad mini.)
  • PO: Mac 4.7 million above expectations. Global market contracted by 10%, Mac continues to gain share. Strong growth in sales of update MacBook Air. iMacs updated in September. Last week, MacBook Pro. (Talking points on new Macs.)
  • PO: (Mavericks talking points.) 200 new features. Now free. Mac channel inventory on low end.
  • PO: iTunes 2.4 billion, thanks to strong growth in apps. Up 15%. 60 billion downloads, 13 billion in payouts, half in the last year.
  • PO: iOS 7 is faster software upgrade ever. Nearly 66% already running iOS 7. Significantly higher than update rates on other platforms. More customers having most advanced experience possible, enables devs. (iOS 7 talking points)
  • PO: 20 million iTunes Radio users in US.
  • PO: Easier to configure and manage in Enterprise. (Going over Enterprise talking points.)
  • PO: Apple Retail. 4.5 billion, up 6%. Very strong iPhone sales. 36% growth per store, per week. Remodel 2 stores, opened 8. 416 total, 162 outside US. 30 new in 2014. 2/3 outside US.
  • PO: 99 million visitors.
  • (Going over OpEX, OINE, etc.)
  • $146 billion in cash + short/long term. Domestic 35.5 billion. Down due to share repurchase. 76% offshore.
  • (Share buyback/dividends stuff)
  • 47 million shares retired. 5%. 44 million have been retired in past 2 quarters.
  • PO: Revenue deferment. (talking about free stuff they give away). iWork + iLife as necessary as mail, calendar. Making future OS updates, software free. Deferring greater amount of deferral. Will result in 900 million sequential increase.
  • PO: 55-58 billion expected. 36.5-37.5% gross margins expected. (More expectations.)
  • PO: Very pleased. Incredible lineup of products.
  • Q&A time!
  • Q: Surprised gross margin guidance isn’t better. Walk through headwinds?
  • PO: Expect 36.5-37.5 percent. Pleased given all new products launched. Benefit from leverage on substantial increase on revenue. Offset by higher deferred revenue. Richer mix of new iPads with higher costs, less margins. Mac Pro/iMac have higher cost structures. Yen.
  • Q: Pleased with 5s, but A7, M7, TouchID, not sure what they enable. Why do you need 64-bit in a phone?
  • Tim Cook: Everything you mentioned is front end of long roadmap. 64-bit, first use of TouchID. Profound for security, purchase. Most important what customers think. Innovations combined led to best iPhone launch ever. 9 million units first weekend.
  • Q: iPhone 5c price point lower, what type of response are you seeing from cost sensitive regions? Make it more appealing for emerging regions?
  • TC: iPhone 4s as entry offer. iPhone 5c mid-tier. iPhone 5s. Goal is to, overall, have growth or total iPhone. Want to have each category grow. Total offers they’re making, low, mid-tier, high end, would like to grow in each one. Really pleased they did that. That’s how they partly measure success. Make a good product. Need growth. 5c was never intended to be entry phone. That was 4s. iPhone 4 very good volumes, experiment in other reasons. Fair amount of price elasticity. Will continue with 4s.
  • Q: iPhone ASP overall. iPhone ASP at mix tends to be highest first few months. Should assume same pattern now?
  • TC: All things being equal, normally see a large number of early adopters come into market right after announce, buy best product. That’s what they’d expect to see.
  • Q: New product categories? Can you re-iterate we should have that expectation? Haven’t been any yet?
  • TC: Didn’t say that. Just to be clear. You would see exciting new products in fall and across 2014. Stand by that. New categories. Look at skills Apple has from hardware, softare, services, app ecosystem. Unique. No one has skills like this. Believe we can use them to build other great products. Categories we do not participate today.
  • Q: Pricing strategy, elasticity on on iPhone 4? Lessons learned? Address lower price segments?
  • TC: 400 number is yours, not mine. This time lineup, 4s is replacing 4. US as example, 4s is now free like 4 used to be. Outside the US, depends on the market. Currency changes, strength of dollar doesn’t play in their favor in some geos. 4s is entry iPhone offer. Gives someone ability to access entire ecosystem with fantastic product. Elasticity in that market, will move accordingly.
  • Q: China. What happened? Do you see growth rate accelerating?
  • TC: Had a pretty good Q in China. Want to do better. Grow by 6%. iPhone units were 25% despite constraints on iPhone 5s. Able to launch in first round this time in China, big change. Close relationship with carriers, government in China. iPad as well. Full year, Greater China over 27 billion, up 14%. Reasonable sized business there. Year ago iPad launched late. That pressure down some. Otherwise stronger. Investing in stores. One more in greater china last few weeks. Point of sales up on iPhone. More cities. Working on coverage, launching earlier, building on retail.
  • Q: Confusion on revenue deferral. How much is pressuring gross margin down? When do we recoup, how many quarters?
  • PO: Had been deferring for iOS and Mac. Increased. iPhone and iPad 15-$25, up $5. Mac gone from $20 to $40. Sequential basis, coupled with unit increases, 900 million more in Dec Q over September Q. You can calculate on that. Goes straight through to margin, dollar for dollar. Will record for iOS across 2 year period of time, Macs 4 year period of time.
  • PO: Really happy to be guiding gross margin flats given new products have lower prices, higher cost structures. Working hard to get down cost curves.
  • Q: More on gross margins.
  • PO: More on gross margins.
  • Q: 4 launch, then margins ramp. Any structural things change in profitability?
  • PO: Don’t know about structural comments. Benefits in leverage, cuts both ways.
  • Q: How do you think of iPad growth? Any differences in iPad vs. iPhone upgrades?
  • TC: Tablet market is huge, large opportunity. Not solely focused on unit share. Focused on usage, customer sat, loyalty. Believe announcement last week was largest ever. Confident they are going to grow year over year. Get off to great start this weekend with iPad Air, later in month iPad mini. Wanted to reduce price of iPad mini, did that. Now coming in at $299. Incredible value to get access to ecosystem. iPad Air is incredible product. Best iPad ever done. Going to do really well. It’s going to be an iPad Christmas.
  • Q: Why OS X, iWork free?
  • TC: best selling productivity on mobile, wanted customers to have access to best features. Bold move. Some other folks charge $199 for each of these, OS and productivity apps. Want to make it part of the experience. All the way back to Snow Leopard. Just another reason everyone should buy Mac. Great decision, great for customers.
  • Q: Education? Chrome books, Google apps? Taking share? Price points low?
  • TC: Good question. Best education quarter ever. Over $1 billion. First time ever. iPad up 22%, Mac up 8%. PC market down 10%, likely more in education. Vast majority of people are buying PC/Mac or iPad. Share of tablets in education is 94%.
  • Q: Touch ID, Retina mini supply?
  • TC: iPhone 5s ended very significant backlog. Still have backlog. However, supply is building each week. Very confident of ability to keep ramping. Rolled out 30 more as of last friday. Another 16 this week. Right on in terms of achieving 100 by end of calendar year. Retina iPad mini will start shipping later in November. Unclear whether they’ll have enough for the quarter or not. Will see how demand goes. Think they’ll do fairly well. Component costs, both DRAM and NAND were up, DRAM will continue to be up, NAND will be flat. Other commodities will fall sequentially.
  • Q: Uplift this quarter?
  • PO: No precise amount, benefitting from leverage from higher revenue, expect to have positive commodities, selling iPhone never a bad thing.
  • Q: Message? Bigger coverage, upgrade cycle?
  • TC: Range for iPhone is 4-6 weeks. Were at low end of range. Most important thing he looks at. Changing? Consider China was in wave one. More point of sales. Added DoCoMo in Japan. Large carrier. Of 14m, 1.8 million were iPhones in transit, not available in channel. Count those in channel, because in sales line. How Cook looks at it.
  • Q: Year ago very ambitious, constraints. Better shape to navigate supply constraints? Or similar situation?
  • TC: iPhone 5s doing really well on supply, demand very robust. In backlog, confident. iPad mini, very difficult to forecast. See about iPad Air. Thinks we’ll have a really good weekend. Maybe not everyone can find one who wants one. Difference between last year is iMac didn’t ship until end of December. Went 2 months minimal iMac sales. Only down vs. market quarter in last 30 quarters. Don’t envision that happening this year. MBP gotten off to great start. Mac growing YoY, iPad growing YoY, can tell from strong guidance.
  • Q: iPhone ASP? Supply availability issue?
  • PO: Sequentially flat. YoY down 7%. Primarily due to significant increase in sale of entry SKU to attract more first time buyers. Yen, AUS, emerging market impacted them. Will report next Q in January. Headwinds likely continue given exchange rates.
  • Q: Channel inventory. Was that skewed towards low end given 5s was short?
  • TC: 5s huge backlog. Any 5s was in transit. Pretty substantial number.
  • Q: Subsidies? Impact? Sustainable?
  • TC: Carriers like to sell as many units, get as many people on their service as they can. In most regions want them on contracts. Don’t see that changing. Some carriers have come up with different programs. Might appeal to annual upgraders. Those in general reduce subsidy somewhat, but customers might view fair exchange for faster upgrades. Great relationships, very happy with rollout.


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Police: Chris Brown charged with assault in DC

WASHINGTON (AP) — Chris Brown was arrested early Sunday in Washington after a fight broke out near the W Hotel, police said, complicating an already snarled legal history for the Grammy Award-winning R&B singer.

Brown, 24, was charged with felony assault in an incident that started just before 4:30 a.m., D.C. police spokesman Paul Metcalf said Sunday morning. Chris Hollosy, 35, also was arrested on felony assault charges, Metcalf said. Police believe the two men were together during the incident but said they couldn’t confirm any relationship between the suspects.

“There was a physical altercation, which resulted in the victim sustaining injuries,” Metcalf said.

Brown and Hollosy were being held in police custody until Monday, Metcalf said.

A man was injured in the fight and reportedly taken to a hospital, police said, but they did not identify him or give details on his injuries. It was not clear whether the victim was taken by ambulance or another vehicle. He had been released from the hospital as of early Sunday afternoon, Metcalf said.

The felony charges in the case were based, in part, on the extent of the victim’s injuries, police said.

Brown’s publicists and attorney, Mark Geragos, did not immediately respond to messages left early Sunday.

Brown was in Washington to perform Saturday night at an event billed as a “Homecoming Weekend” party at a downtown club. He tweeted about the party Saturday. Howard University spokeswoman Kerry-Ann Hamilton said Sunday that the party was not sponsored by or affiliated with the school, which is celebrating its homecoming.

Brown remains on probation for the 2009 beating of his on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna just before the Grammy Awards. The photos of Rihanna’s bruised face caused outrage among many fans. Brown pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault as part of a plea deal. He received five years’ probation and had remained out of trouble until earlier this year, when prosecutors accused the singer of failing to perform his community labor sentence as instructed.

His probation was revoked briefly earlier this year after a hit-and-run incident, and he was given 1,000 more hours of community service to perform.

Brown, who lives in Los Angeles and is originally from Virginia, has been involved in a number of incidents since the 2009 arrest. He was initially sued for a nightclub brawl that allegedly erupted between his entourage and that of musician Drake, at the time believed to be a paramour of Rihanna.

Brown also tussled with singer Frank Ocean and others after Ocean parked in Brown’s space at a recording studio in Los Angeles. Ocean said he suffered an injured finger, but no charges were filed. A second man, Sha’keir Duarte, sued Brown, claiming a concussion.

Brown’s arrest could prompt Los Angeles prosecutors to seek a revocation of Brown’s probation for the Rihanna beating and ask a judge to impose additional penalties on the singer, including time in jail or prison.

Brown is due back in court Nov. 20 in Los Angeles to update a judge on his probation.

Steve Cron, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, said prosecutors and a judge may wait to see how the Washington case plays out before taking any action against Brown.

“Just the fact that some guy says ‘he hit me’ doesn’t mean he’s in violation” of his probation, Cron said.

The potential penalties would depend on the exact wording of Brown’s sentence, he said.


Associated Press writers Chris Talbott in Nashville, Tenn.; Anthony McCartney in Los Angeles; and Oscar Gabriel in Washington contributed to this report.

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Learn How to Time Travel In Just 3 Minutes

Time travel has always been the thing we associate with the future. But we keep reaching the future, only to find that time travel still eludes us. What’s holding us back? Nothing, it turns out.

Read more…


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Watch: Beyoncé Jumps Off A Building In New Zealand

Actually, She Got Pushed

Last week we saw a cute photo of Beyoncé and baby Blue Ivy enjoying a beach in New Zealand but it turns out that she got up to more than just maxin’ and relaxin’ by the ocean. It turns out that Bey also had time for some death-defying feats of fun. Click the embed above to watch Beyoncé get pushed off the top of a building and fall with her as she rockets back to Earth. Trust me, this is something that I would NEVER do but I gotta give Bey props not only for having the gumption to take a risk like this … but to look absolutely FLAWLESS in the process. Dang.

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